How can you become a provider of experiences?


Register and publish

1. Requirements

Check that you meet the conditions

2. Registration

Fill in the form and attach the conditions document

3. Validation

We validate your registration and give you access to the platform

The requirements you must meet?

  1. Be a duly constituted company, operate in Spain and guarantee the quality of your experiences.
  2. Market tourist experiences that meet some of these criteria:
    • Authentic, innovative nature.
    • Unique setting.
    • Interaction with the setting.
    • Have a theme.
    • Offer fun, relaxation or escape.
    • Arouse emotions.
    • Limited access.
    • Potential for learning.

    Bear in mind that accommodation by itself can only be considered an experience if it meets these requirements.

  3. Provide your activity in at least Spanish and English, as our target market is the international tourist.
  4. Publish your experiences at least in Spanish and English. But bear in mind that you can publish them in up to 5 languages.
  5. Have a website where your experiences are featured, and where online bookings can be made. If you do not have a website, you can include an email address for receiving booking requests. These requests must be dealt within no more than 24 hours.