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Keys to making your tourism experience a success



When you publish an activity on the chances of your product or experience being known by more customers are multiplied. It opens up a market to you of millions of users all over the world.

It doesn’t make any difference whether your company offers diving courses, wine tasting sessions at boutique wineries or private city tours. What really matters is being able to provoke a desire to experience something.

We want you to show your best side by offering you a series of key aspects that you should take into account when offering a tourism experience so that you stand out for your quality and originality.


What does your experience offer compared to others? Nowadays, users receive thousands of offers via social media, email, etc. They have access to more tools than ever to be informed and buy products on a market full of service offers. So for you to select yours, you must find that original element that sparks people’s interest and curiosity. Always focus your experience on what makes you special or gives you added value.

Details make all the difference. It’s isn’t the same thing promoting an experience with the phrase “Gastronomical tour of northern Spain” instead of “Cuisine accompanied by a Basque chef and savouring all the dishes in Michelin starred restaurants” Which one makes you feel more like booking?

If you have been climbing your entire life and believe that others will also enjoy it; if you are an expert sailor and know the best times and places to do it; if your family has been working for generations in the world of fishing... Tell them all about it. Always place value on your personal story and knowledge, so that users know that you are the perfect person to organise a specific experience.

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Does your tourism experience take place in a national park or another charming, lesser-known location in a city? Focus on that aspect! Users are longing to discover unexplored territories that make them feel special for a day. Keeping your tourism experience apart from a mass tourism setting is always a good plan.

And if the place where your activity is developed is special to you for some reason, you'll be able to convey more enthusiasm to your customers.


One of the things that most attracts tourists to Spain is that it is a country with a very marked identity and thousands of years of culture and traditions that they are eager to discover. Today's tourist doesn't want to simply observe. And that is where your experience must come into play, encouraging them to participate with the environment, to mix with the locals, to be part of a lifestyle that is new to them…

Remember that tourists expect to experience something unique and also interact with you: guides, instructors, teachers, cooks, hosts, etc. If you have not included anything like this in your experience, we encourage you to do so.

Do you promote olive oil in your area? Don’t just offer tastings, but encourage users to participate in the process of making it at an organic olive farm. Do you organize flamenco shows? Why not offer private classes too! The idea is that the immersion is total. At, we want travellers to have access to places and activities they wouldn’t find on their own.

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Did you know that emotions are one of the factors that most influence purchasing decisions? So try to be a little more ambitious with your customer. Not only do you design your experience for participants to have a good time… you have to make them dream of doing it! Don't just describe what your experience is like: talk about how they will feel and appeal to all their senses.

And what kind of emotions? Joy, fun, relaxation, escape… Show images of people enjoying themselves during your experience, include texts that lead the reader to imagine themselves there and try to convey values of switching off and hospitality.

An example of how a sunset is described in one of the experiences on “The dance of colours starts, the sky begins to burn with red and orange tones. Behind the mountains in the interior of the province of Valencia, the last ray of sun is visible, reflected in the waters of l'Albufera.”


Everyone loves to learn something new. Be it through cultural knowledge by going on a personalised guided tour of a museum, or through adventures that are different to the norm, such as challenges, personal development or self-awareness.

For example, does your company organise trips along the Camino de Santiago? Describe the historical importance of this route and why it poses a challenge that combines finding oneself with sport, nature and culture.

In short, use all the tools to tell a great story that coveys your message in an unforgettable way. It is about inspiring people. Are you in?

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